PAT Testing Service

PSW are one of the few Portable Appliance Testing companies in the UK to hold Full Membership of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) as well as Constructionline (governments pre-approval database of contractors) and pride ourselves on being able to deliver the high standards that both of these bodies require.

We are subject to regular inspections to ensure that these standards are maintained, and find our customers are delighted with our service.

All PSW Technicians are certified in the IEE code of practice for in-service inspection and testing. This enables them to carry out PAT Testing on any portable appliance, including: Power Tools, Kettles, Printers, Shredders, Photocopiers and all other office or industrial electrical appliances. Our system ensures that our clients receive a prompt service with minimal disruption and are provided with a detailed testing report confirming the status and location of each product tested.

With a First Class Service, a Nationwide Network and Competitive Pricing Structure, our clients return to us for their PAT Testing needs time and time again.

Why Do I Need My Electrical Appliances Tested?

The Electricity At Work Regulation (1998) focuses on the 'Duty of Care' in relation to any machinery connected to the electricity supply via a removable plug. Neglecting electrical systems could result in injuries to your employees, lost income and fines imposed if found in breach of your statutory responsibilities. In some instances it may even invalidate your insurance claims. To assist companies to comply with this legislation the electrical industry has developed a range of tests to an industry standard. This ensures that all portable appliances are checked by a technician to ensure that they comply with the pre-defined standard and are safe for the purpose that they are designed for.

What Does It Cost

Our pricing structure works on a sliding scale - the more items we test the cheaper it gets!

Prices start at only 1.19 for our basic testing package.....a detailed quotation is given for each individual company depending on their requirements.

What Does This Price Include?

  • Labelling (standard green)
  • Detailed report
  • Hard copy of Asset list and Latest Test results
  • Results in Seaward PatGuard Plus Database format
  • Supply and fitting of replacement plug top (normal type) if required
  • Supply and fitting of replacement fuses if required
  • Re-wiring at plug top if required
  • Out of hours working where required

Are there Any Other Costs Involved?

  • Parking charges if not available
  • Any appliance that has a detachable lead (e.g. a PC and its lead) is tested as 2 items, as both the appliance and lead require independent testing, labelling and recording
  • Cable trip protector supplied and fitted
  • Fitting of Tough Plugs (extra durable)
  • Fitting of BS Standard connector block
  • Supplying and fitting new cable to appliances
  • Fitting of RCD's

What Are The Benefits?

PSW currently carry out work for many electrical contractors throughout the UK. They find our pricing structures very competitive and in many cases we carry out all of their PAT Testing as their company.

By coming directy to us you can be sure that you are getting the same quality service, tailored to your own requirements, without paying a premium.

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  • Electrical Safety Register
  • Association for PAT
  • Constructionline
  • HSE
  • ECA
  • IEE